Kernel Miniconf 2021 - Call for Sessions


About the Kernel Miniconf 2021 will be held at the Australian National University, Canberra online, from 23-25 January 2021. The Kernel Miniconf is returning once again to discuss all things kernel.

The Kernel Miniconf is a single-day miniconf track about everything related to the kernel and low-level systems programming.

The Kernel Miniconf will focus on a variety of kernel-related topics - technical presentations on up-and-coming kernel developments, the future direction of the kernel, and kernel development community and process matters. Past Kernel Miniconfs have included technical talks on topics such as memory management, RCU, scheduling and filesystems, as well as talks on Linux kernel community topics such as licensing and Linux kernel development process.

We invite submissions on anything related to kernel and low-level systems programming. We welcome submissions from developers of all levels of experience in the kernel community, covering a broad range of topics. The focus of the miniconf will primarily be on Linux, however non-Linux talks of sufficient interest to a primarily Linux audience will be considered.

Who can speak?

Anyone with something interesting and kernel-related to say!

We strongly encourage both first-time and seasoned speakers from all backgrounds, ages, genders, nationalities, ethnicities, religions and abilities. Like the main LCA conference itself, we respect and encourage diversity at our miniconf. If you would like any assistance with creating a proposal, don't hesitate to ask!

You will need an LCA ticket to speak - miniconf speakers do not qualify for a regular speakers ticket. However, we do have a small number of Professional tickets that we are able to give away for free to those who are unable to purchase a ticket. Additionally, a Saturday-only ticket is available for AU$25.

As this conference is being hosted online, speakers will need an appropriate environment with internet access and a webcam to stream their talk live. The conference schedule is in UTC+11 - we will consider speakers' timezones when making scheduling decisions.

Submission process

Proposals are being handled through the LCA submission system.

To submit a proposal, please go to the LCA Website. You'll need to have an account on the LCA registration system and create a speaker profile.

Talks can be either Short Presentations (15-20 minutes) or Long Presentations (45 minutes) - you will need to specify this in the submission form.

We aim to notify submitters of the outcome of the selection process within 7 days of the closing date.

Dates and deadlines


If you've got any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Andrew Donnellan (@ajdlinux).